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was a refuge for sailors, rumor has it it remains a old haunt, final port of call for tormented souls. >> a lot of people have been experiencing paranormal activity in this building, security officer, staff. >> you think it's a shadow but after a while you think that wasn't a shadow. >> reporter: donald patrolled here as a security officer more than a decade. do you believe this staff? >> yeah, i believe almost anything they tell me. >> reporter: anywhere that you wouldn't go by yourself when it's dark? >> the major's house. >> reporter: which is where i find myself as night falls. going to the matron's house, where it's been documentsed that a murder actually took place. remember that sound we heard? we head to the attic to explore. >> hello? is there anybody up here? >> what we'll usually do is leave one person up here. do you want to do it? >> reporter: i'll do it. should i say some last words to my camera? if that weren't spooky enough, time has never ticked so slowly in all my life. it took me the first few minutes just to muster this. >> is there anyone in here? >> reporter: i'm mentally
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1